Updating the Construction Industry's Tech Stack

Construxiv offers a suite of products and solutions to make sure that people and technology work together constructively. We build better tech for the industry so you can build better.

Technology Consulting

No matter if you're new to tech, or looking to examine current practices, we can help. Our process identifies technology needs, develops an update strategy, and executes an implementation plan.

Core Products

We have distilled our industry knowledge into some custom products to instantly help companies update their tech. Gone will be the days off all analog operations, thanks to these easy to use digital options.

Custom Development

Need a custom tool for your company? We can build. Just want to update your existing tools? We can develop that. No matter your needs, our team is equipped to build tech that helps you build better.

Technology Consulting

Needs Assesssment
We collaboratively assess your current technology tools, identify any deficiencies, and help recognize any needs.
Update Strategy
Beyond just identifying any needs, we make detailed recommendations on how to go from where you are now, to where you want to be with your technology solutions.
When the time is right, we help you execute the strategy to get all your new technology tools up and running. This is to ensure you reach all your stated goals.

Our Products

Finally a scheduling app that's simple and easy for everyone to use. With very granular task relationships, you will be able to plan for every nitty gritty detail. Export your data to other tools like Prima Vera P6. 

3D Models
Construxiv specializes in 3D viewer and model development. Does your tech stack need a custom viewer? We can embed our proprietary viewer into your software to extract data or append new data points.
Mobile & Web Apps
Need something unique and custom for your company? We can do that too. Let us know what needs you have or problems you are facing. This way we can develop the best solution.
Upgrade & Update
Do you have some tools or software you've been using for years? Do these tools need an update or some modernization? We can absolutely assist with that. Our full stack development team has seen and done it all.

Technology Consulting

Software should help, not hinder your companyLet us make your software more Construxiv

30+ Years of AEC Experience

We've definitely been around a jobsite or two. And because of this we understand more than anyone the problems the industry faces. 

230+ Projects Completed
You name it, we've helped build it. We are familiar with projects simple and complex, big and small.
Diverse Team
Our team comes from a diverse background to unite around the common goal of making construction software more efficient and effective.
Progress & Results
With a track record of success, we first learn about your problems and quickly develop and implement the right solutions. There ins't a problem to big or small for us to tackle.

Contact us to start the process

Let us leverage our strengths to help you solve your problems. We are excited to learn how we can help. 

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